We are currently unable to accept any cats/kittens or dogs/puppies due to space limitations and volunteer shortages.

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Fence Eligibility Questions

I don’t want to spay or neuter my pet. Can I still get a fence?

We ask that animals be spayed or neutered before receiving a fence. One of our goals is to get dogs off chains, and to reduce the number of animals euthanized in our local shelters each year.   Oconee Humane and Anderson County PAWS (local shelter) have voucher programs for those needing help with the cost of the surgery.


How much money needs to be raised to build a kennel for a family’s pet(s)?

The cost of each build varies depending on how many pets live at the home and how big the dogs are. On average, kennel builds cost about $500, which includes:

  • a large, 20×20’ fence enclosure (size may vary depending on size and number of dogs at the home, but this is the standard fence size),
  • new dog houses, and
  • clean water/food bowls
  • bag of dog food (if needed)
  • dog toy
  • wheat straw or shavings for the kennel area


What other support does Freedom Fences provide families receiving fences?

We share information with the families we work with about how to best care for their pet – including ensuring housing is appropriate for the weather, feeding and making sure water is available at all times and proper medical care. We encourage our fence recipients to treat their pets as members of their family. 

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