We are currently unable to accept any cats/kittens or dogs/puppies due to space limitations and volunteer shortages.

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Freedom Fences
PO Box 2322
Anderson, SC 29622

Volunteer Information

Welcome to Freedom Fences! We are a 100%, volunteer-led, non-profit group. We are powered by you: The people who donate their time, love, money, skills and gifts to improve the lives of dogs living chained or tethered outside.

We operate primarily in Anderson, SC, and its surrounding areas, including Pickens and Oconee Counties. We invite you to spend one morning with us. You’ll be forever changing a dog’s life.

Dog Care

Volunteer opportunities are not limited to fence building. We have many jobs we need help with, so please contact us if you have an interest in helping with:

  • Fence builds (typically Saturday mornings)
  • Transport for spay, neuter, and rehoming
  • Community outreach, marketing, events
  • Deliveries: dog houses, straw, cedar, and food
  • Follow-up visits
  • Fostering
  • Wag Shack (small rescue facility in Anderson) that needs volunteers to feed, water, and love on dogs!

Cat Care

Cat Care – such duties as feeding, providing fresh water, scooping litter, cleaning and helping to socialize the cats (basically loving on the cats!). Also opportunities to assist with transporting cats for doctor’s appointments, and for adoption opportunities out of state. We also can use help with fostering, running errands, fund-raising and adoption events.

Get Started

Step 1 – Read the Volunteer Agreement Below

Step 2 – Fill out our Online Volunteer Form

Volunteer Agreement

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Freedom Fences! We appreciate you. We rely on volunteers to do the life-changing work of our organization.

It is our hope that every volunteer feels welcomed, supported, and cared for at our events. We want you to get to know us a little better, and understand our mission and our organizational culture.

Within our organization we endeavor to:

  • Treat everyone in our community and organization with empathy, care, and love.
  • Honor the time and work commitment of every volunteer with a cooperative, supportive environment.
  • Use direct communication to discuss complaints or disagreements.
  • Approach problems in with a spirit of goodwill; personal disagreement are inevitable, but we will not tolerate profanity, name-calling, or disrespect.

When working with the public at large and our clients we endeavor to:

  • Cycle all communication through the Freedom Fences communication manager or volunteer coordinator.
  • Be positive and nonjudgmental.
  • Respect and protect the privacy of our clients, as well as their property; no Freedom Fences volunteer will divulge personal information via written or verbal communication.

Facebook is our primary method of communication; it is the equivalent of a brick-and-mortar storefront. With this in mind, we endeavor to:

  • Keep all social media communication courteous, positive, and helpful.
  • Represent the organization in a positive light.
  • Channel public postings and announcements through Facebook managers for posting; keep behind-the-scenes work internal.
  • Direct all public relations and media queries to the Board of Directors. Volunteers are encouraged to talk about their personal experiences, but should not speak for the organization at large.

We are more than a rescue, and we often see dogs in deplorable conditions. We work diligently to help every dog that crosses our path, but Freedom Fences accepts our limitations. Freedom Fences asks that volunteers respect our processes and trust in our decisions.

Freedom Fences’ Board is bound by legal and ethical obligations in regards to policies, finance, and reputation. Volunteers will respect the board’s administrative authority to make decisions for the best of the organization.

These guidelines are in place to help create a friendly, welcoming, professional environment. Questions? Please email the Board at: [email protected]

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