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Yeti (Courtesy Post)

Age: 2 Years Old
Yeti, a 2-year-old mixed-breed dog weighing about 70 pounds, is looking for a new home. What’s amazing about Yeti… Everything. She’s house-trained, crate-trained, and loves to play with people and dogs alike. And is cat- and kid-friendly too! I’d recommend a home with older or at least dog-wise kids, because she still thinks she wants to be a pro-wrestler sometimes and slams into people when playing or excited. But she is an amazing dog; she just isn’t safe for some of our animals on the farm. Yeti came into our lives as a puppy who was only about 7 days old and surrendered to the animal hospital I worked at. We took her in to give her a chance at life because she was the only surviving pup that was brought into the clinic. We bottle-fed & cared for her daily. Yeti thrived, continuing to grow, and we quickly fell in love with her, and she just kind of never left. Even when she was young, I could tell she was prey-driven. At one point, Yeti went to a board and trained to learn some manners. Her behavior was better after returning home, but unfortunately, it didn’t last too long when it came to the game birds on our farm. She was very prey-driven when it came to our chickens, ducks, and guinea fowl. Hoping that a bit more training would help, we made the decision to send her back for another board and train session with more specific training around some distractions. Which again worked upon immediately returning home, but her prey drive has proven too much for our home and farm. We have made the decision to rehome Yeti in hopes of finding her a forever home that doesn’t involve chickens or birds. Our family knows there is a better home out there, and we would love for you to consider Yeti. Please let me know if you are interested in knowing more about Yeti! People can contact me via email at [email protected] if they want to know more about Yeti.

Inquire About Yeti (Courtesy Post)